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I am so glad you are here

Have you sometimes wondered if there was more to life than you are presently living? Would you like to connect back with the meaning and direction your life had as a single lady? Would you like a chance to dream again, ignite your passion and be able to envision an ideal life and a greater

Each of us has a deep hunger to experience life in its fullest but many limitations prevent us from having the life we so desire:

  • The stories we tell ourselves
  • Mind blocks from our beliefs
  • Our past that keeps us stuck
  • Not feeling worthy of the best in life.
  • Inability to let go of words and events that bring us pain
  • The need for approval, acceptance and validation from men.
  • Living with regrets over past mistakes and the inability to forgive ourselves.

I like to call them “Personal Barriers” as they are all limits we put on ourselves. I guess you’re already saying to yourself, “yes, that describes me” and wondering, “how

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Before I met Florence I was confused, frustrated and at some point even considered suicide. It seemed as if the whole world was against me, nothing about me made meaning and I also found myself stuck in a difficult relationship.
The story of my life took a different turn when I met her. Through the one on one coaching sessions and her online mentoring platform I received my healing and also found the strength and courage to let go of a relationship that brought me nothing but pain.
Florence helped me discover myself, my passion and my unique abilities. She helped me gain clarity of what matters most in my life and now I have a renewed attitude to life. I am so optimistic about the future. Thanks to her I have started working on a passion and planning to take it to the next level in the new year.
Dauda Adebukola , Lagos
Working with Florence radically transformed my life. Before the sessions, I was a perfectionist, very impatient and intolerant of people who couldn’t meet my expectations. This affected my interpersonal relationship at work and at home.
At the end of the 4 weeks coaching program I became a changed person. More accommodating of people’s weaknesses, understanding, tolerant and loving. So much so that those around me could tell that something different had happened to me. I also became more self aware and gained a better perception of my worth.
Florence has a way of helping you make that vital spiritual connection through her coaching method as I now experience more peace just by living from the place of gratitude. Thank you so much for this great impact in my life and relationships.
Princess Adeyemi , Lagos