Dolapo and Her Limiting Beliefs

Dolapo had tried her hands on several businesses but none worked out. She desires to become a success story but each step towards making her dream a reality was hit by a road block.

“My friends convinced me to go into events management, they said i have a knack for organisation but i knew it wasn’t going to turn out right. True to my thought, it failed like every other venture.” She said.

“How did you know it wasn’t going to work out”? I asked.

“I just knew it, maybe an instinct, but something in me told me it wont work. I have a way of knowing these things.” She replied.

Dolapo had become her own prophet predicting her future not because she has the gift of prophesy but her interpretations of past failures have unconsciously created beliefs that brought feelings of certainty. Hence, she had consciously and unconsciously been moving in the direction of her beliefs.

Sometimes, the result you are getting in every area of your life reflect what you believe, if you want a new result, you must get a new belief. Your beliefs must be positive and based on truth of what your creator says about you. Healthy beliefs produce functional thoughts, feelings and desires that empower and embolden you to not only be hopeful and optimistic but to also create better results.

What do you believe about yourself?
How are these beliefs reflected in your inner voice, motivation and posture?

Make a list of limiting Beliefs that have influenced where you are in life today? Develop positiive beliefs and scriptural promises to counter them.

For further help on how to discover the beliefs operating below the surface at the roots and how to overcome them, contact me privately.


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