Give Yourself Permission to Live

This past weeks have been very tight for me as you would have noticed a drop in the number of my posts in recent times. I have actually been working hard to meet a deadline.

This particular task have always been relegated to the background not because it isn’t important but because each time I needed to work on it I found out I had to put aside other people and things which doesn’t come so easy for me. This has always been my life, putting other people before me but when I had a mind shift I started saying ‘YES’ to myself and to my desires.

My years of personal growth and inner transformation played a big role in helping me overcome the challenge of deciding what I wanted. When you lack clarity about what you want, you also lack the courage to say yes to yourself and to your desires.

I decided it was time to give myself permission to commit to what I wanted no matter who I had to ignore. With this decision I was determined to pull this till the end and not allow anyone or anything stop me.

Did it come that easy? NO, but did I make it happen? YES and I learnt something out of it that,

“When you are truly determined to get something, you will get it.”

Is there something (project, trip, study, etc) you’ve been putting off because it made you feel like you are being selfish? I like to let you know:

  • You deserve your own happiness
  • You deserve your own self care
  • You deserve to listen and obey your own intuition
  • You deserve to live above fear of people’s judgement
  • You deserve to live above self condemnation

It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, this is a new week with brand new opportunities to give yourself permission to live. When you make up your mind and decide it’s time to say yes to what you want then the reset button for your life automatically comes on.

Let’s flourish together.


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