Relationship Boundaries

How much were you extremely overwhelmed by other people’s problems this year?

It’s okay to be a go-to person at work, whom others can run to for comfort and answers to their personal, work and even relationship related issues.

However you must learn to understand what your own limits are so you don’t end up as a garbage dump for all kinds of problems.

As you do a review of how you lived this year and how you intend to live in the new year, you need to become aware of which problems are yours to solve and which problems are for others.

For example maintaining ethical boundaries between you and your boss at work is your responsibility but your colleague’s ethical boundaries with the boss is her responsibility.

When we assume too much responsibility for other people’s problems we start to harm them by making them codependent as they will never learn to be independent.

Developing this mindset as you enter the new year will give you more time, energy and space to care for your own needs and also increase your productivity.

  1. Set boundaries on information overload.

How much overwhelm did you get from just spending time on social media or trying to keep up with the need to stay relevant?

The demands of social media can be overwhelming especially when you are on several platforms. Joggling several priorities and not getting much done can sometimes impact on your self worth.

There are times you feel like a failure when you compare your social media impact with others in the same sphere of influence.

You can take care of this overload in the new year by:

Deciding on which platform you want to be active on. Choose as least 2.

Decide on what kind of content you want to share.

Schedule when you want to post.

Incorporate this schedule into your goals and to do list.

Discipline your time on social media around the activities that promote either your personal brand or your business brand.

Any other activities on social media should be incorporated into your rewards for completing your daily task.

For example, you don’t get to go on Instagram or watch your favorite YouTube videos until your major goals for the day have been completed.

Making social media a reward will discipline your use of time and give you space to become more productive in the coming year.

  1. Asserting Yourself

Would you sincerely admit to yourself that there were times you felt like you’ve lost your voice in your family or amongst your friends?

The awareness of this should bring you to the place where you make new choices and take new actions.

One of such choices is the need to become assertive in communicating your boundaries.

Asserting yourself helps you hold your boundaries with courage and also teaches others how to treat you and what to expect from you.

When you do this consistently, you feel empowered to live on your own terms.

This is the energy and space that increases your efficiency because people now see the need to back down and allow you live your authentic self.

Did you find this post useful.

Kindly comment and share other ways you use boundaries to manage stress.

Have a productive Wednesday.

Do you need more boundaries ideas to help you mange stress and increase productivity in 2020?

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