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301, 2020


Relationship Boundaries How much were you extremely overwhelmed by other people’s problems this year? It's okay to be a go-to person at work, whom others can run to for comfort and answers to their personal, work and even relationship related issues. However you must learn to understand what your own limits are so you don't

701, 2018

Your Life and The People You Follow On Social Media

What value are you getting from the people you follow on social media? How have they impacted your life the past 52 weeks? Have you become more confident or insecure just reading some posts regularly? Have you lost your self worth and sense of identity because of what you're being fed with through some accounts?

1212, 2017

Give Yourself Permission to Live

This past weeks have been very tight for me as you would have noticed a drop in the number of my posts in recent times. I have actually been working hard to meet a deadline. This particular task have always been relegated to the background not because it isn't important but because each time I

1203, 2015

Dolapo and Her Limiting Beliefs

Dolapo had tried her hands on several businesses but none worked out. She desires to become a success story but each step towards making her dream a reality was hit by a road block. "My friends convinced me to go into events management, they said i have a knack for organisation but i knew

1203, 2015

How to Live Above Pessimism

Do you want to adopt a more positive attitude to life? Do you want to be able to experience the joy and fulfilment that comes from visualizing your dreams coming to pass? Do you want to wake up each morning feeling confident and thankful for life? Do you desire peace knowing your needs are